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Salina, an Aeolian island

The island of Salina was formerly a well-know "saline", from which it gets its topical name. On the other hand, during antiquity, the island was known under the name of Didyme (twin mountains), which derives from its two peaks: Mount Porri, with a height of 870 m, and Mount Fossa delle Felci, its twin, which culminates at 969 m, being the highest peak in the Aeolian Islands.

With an area of 26.8 sq. km., the island of Salina is the second largest Aeolian island after Lipari.
Its territory is divided into three municipalities: S. Marina ; Malfa ; and Leni
Most of the island, which besides always praises itself to be the greenest island, forms today the Nature Reserve of "The delle Felci and Porri mountains". 
Agriculture is mainly based on vine growing. As for the local flora, it is mainly composed by Mediterranean and some endemic plants. 
If it is true that the flora heritage is rich and varied, the island fauna is also exceptional.
Indeed, the island is an ornithological paradise, with many species which nest there each year: small endemic birds, raptors, and large migratory birds.

Sunset over the Mediterranean Sea

However that may be, you will only discover the true beauty of this jewel surrounded by crystal clear waters, when you charter a boat to sail around the island.

One of Salina's coves


How to get there ?

You can reach the island all year around from the harbours of Naples, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Palermo and Cefalia.

The crossings are done by hydrofoils or ferries, with one of the following companies: SIREMAR , USTICA LINES and SNAV


The closest airports are those of Catania , Reggio Calabria and Palermo.
At the airports, you will find a good transfers service by car, with or without driver, to reach the main ports of embarkation.


You can also decide to reach Salina by helicopter.
Once on the island, a shuttle service or a taxi will bring you to the hotel, only 7 km away from the main harbour.

Salina from the sea



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