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Unguided activities

A typical unstructured, Outpost day might begin, picnic-in-hand with a leisurely stroll or mountain bike ride up sun-dappled Alder Alley to a vast valley meadow bisected by ribbons of timber fencing, and dotted with aging silver-grey barns.

With snow-capped mountains and glaciers as a backdrop, and pristine wilderness all around, there is no more perfect place for a picnic

Resort guides encourage self-guided exploration of the property, but ask guests to take a guide dog along for the ride - or walk.

State-of-the-art equipment is available for the taking, including mountain bikes and helmets; fishing rods, tackle and bait; kayaks, canoes, life preservers, site maps, gold pans, and backpacks.

Guests need only inquire, and they will be suitably outfitted and prepared for a self-guided adventure of a lifetime.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts - Beautiful landscapes

Canoeing & Kayaking


Explore Bedwell waterways by single or double kayak or canoe, but don't be surprised if a curious seal or otter plays along. The intertidal environment of the estuary setting changes by the moment, attracting all manner of wild things, marine creatures and discovery.


At high tide, a large backwater north of the Outpost fills with a brackish fresh and salt water mix that supports a unique marsh-like eco-system.


This mini marine park, complete with reverse-rapids and riverlets is one of the best areas to view blue herons, birds of prey and black bear feeding in the technicolour shallows.


And there is always the river, with its gentle push of clear glacier water - to explore in part or great detail. River kayaks pull easily up on sandbars when it is time for lunch or a snack.





Hikers of all ages and inclinations find paradise in the miles of trails in and around the Outpost.


Paths of cedar boardwalk, trails through ancient forest cathedrals and lush fern gardens, lead to a horse-drawn wagon path and onto acres of river valley meadow complete with pond and newly-enhanced salmon spawning channels.


Follow the channels back into the forest and out again to Bedwell River, then hike or kayak back down-river to the Outpost.


Re-trace history on a hike up along the Bedwell River bed - the same path that early explorers took en-route to discovering gold. Still, guests can pan for gold ore in the river's sandy shallows.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts - Cycling tours





Mountain biking Outpost property is both as close to and far away from conventional mountain biking as one can get.


The slow-paced level ride down sun-dappled Alder Alley, across wooden bridges and through bucolic meadows is a must-do activity for anyone who has ever ridden a bicycle. The faint click of the spokes, super-oxygenated air, and breath-takingly beautiful scenery, alone, are worth the trip.


For the adventurous, bike trails of challenge, complete with requisite roots, boulders and inclines, lie ready in wait.


Bikes and helmets for all ages are provided.






Unguided fishing in and around the Outpost is a Hemingway-esque experience to say the least; wading hip-deep in cool glacier waters, surrounded by whispering pine, towering, snow-peaked mountains, and untamed wild frontier.


So if the sensory experience is more important than the result (ie: small fry are OK), then unguided fishing is prescribed. But if poundage is preferred, best visit the Guided Fishing pages to learn more about half-day salt and fresh water fishing excursions.


Young people love to fish of the dock and can easily while away an afternoon - or two. The bridge is a favorite spot to sit and jig - within sight of the cookhouse, but far enough away to inspire freedom.


Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts - Lake fishing



Wildlife viewing


The best way to understand the scope of wildlife viewing opportunities available at the Outpost is to visit all of the Wilderness Activities pages - both guided and unguided.


The Outpost is located in one of the most densely wildlife-populated natural environments in the world, where species of plants and animals unique to the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere, present Outpost guests and visiting researchers an opportunity to observe the web of life - in balance.


Guests need not venture far to experience the Biosphere's virtual zoo. The resorts' $3 million, five-year Environmental Legacy Program operates year-round, and during Outpost season, everyone chips in to help.

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