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The camp is located on the island of Ol Kokwe in lake Baringo.

The lake is approximately 208 kilometers north of the capital Nairobi and in the Great Rift Valley. To the west of the lake lies the southern end of the magnificent Elgeyo Escarpment and the Tugan hills. (The Rift Valley is a natural flaw which extends three thousand miles from the shores of the red sea to the coast of Mozambique in the south east of the continent).


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At an altitude of 3190 feet above sea level and surrounded by semi arid bush the lake has a year round warm climate attracting vast amounts of bird life. 
Travel time from Nairobi is three and a half to four hours by road or one and a quarter hours by air.
The air strip is situated 5 minutes from the camp jetty on the main land.
 “The mornings were burning, bright ultra-marine blue mountains, extreme colours, passionate sun, a glistening, a glittering lake.”
Writer, Behnam Keryo’s impression of Lake Baringo



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