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The Nature on Fregate Island

The island is named after a bird (the Fregate bird, famous for its six-foot wingspan, which can still be seen feeding off the island’s coast) so it's fitting that it has become the last refuge of one of the world’s rarest birds. The magpie robin was driven to the edge of extinction because its beautiful song made it a popular cage bird and it lost its natural habitat to encroaching coconut plantations. Today it is still scarce but a recovery program has helped the number of magpie robins on Fregate climb to more than 85, half of the worldwide population. Other distinctive birds on the island include the blue pigeon, sunbird, and fairy and sooty terns. The population of the endangered white-eye bird increased from 31 to over 100.

Popular inhabitants of Fregate also include the giant tortoise, the green turtle and the smaller hawksbill turtle. There’s even a beetle, the tenebrionid beetle, that's found nowhere else in the world.

While the fauna is delightful, the flora is luxurious. There are beautiful banyan and sandragon trees, and stately coco de mer palms. Produce grown on Fregate includes cashews, coconuts, cinnamon, vanilla, mango, oranges and bananas. The gardens of Fregate supply the hotel's kitchens and Spa with most of its fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.

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